Davie Parrish

for Columbia County Tax Collector

Taxation Is Theft

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Davie Parrish was born and raised in Columbia County. He has a 3 year old son. Graduated Columbia High School in 2009. After graduating, he briefly moved out of the county to pursue work opportunities, Before settling back home in Columbia County. Currently Davie is serving his first full term as Director At-Large 2 for the Libertarian Party of Florida, Third term as Chairman of LIbertarian Party of Columbia County. Before He was elected DAL-2 he was Region 4 Representative for the Libertarian Party of Florida. He’s also an active member in Florida Carry and Gun Owners of America. 

Unlike his opponents, Davie has worked the private sector his ENTIRE life. Giving a new look on the office and being a principled libertarian, he believes the best government is the smallest government possible and that all services should be provided on a voluntary basis.